The Obama modus operandi

Hugh at Firedoglake

Step One: Announce program in a speech using lots of progressive sounding phrases but with no details.

Step Two: Follow up with announcement where all of the progressive elements have been dropped, still no real details.

Step Three: Let House Blue Dogs and “moderate” Democratic Senators hack it to pieces. Ignore House progressives.

Step Four: Do outreach to Republicans so that they can deliver a few whacks at as well. Make a few snide insinuations about progressives wanting to destroy the Obama Presidency.

Step Five: Start leaning on progressives with “something is better than nothing” and threaten to harm their re-election chances.

Step Six: Pass a thoroughly crap piece of legislation with Blue Dogs, regular Democrats, and a few “progressive” votes, and with all or almost all Republicans voting against.

Step Seven: Bullshit signing ceremony at the White House

Rinse and repeat.

Bob Somerby got it exactly right when he talked about the Cordelia primary.


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