Stephen Colbert sells out

he as signed on with the education deform movement.

2 Responses to “Stephen Colbert sells out”

  1. 1 apishapa September 7, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Well, I work for the state. We haven’t had a decent raise sine 2000. SInce the legislator voted in “pay for performance” promising it would not end py raises. We did not get any raise this year, and instead are taking four furlough days between now and Jan.1. One of which is tomorrow. We are laying off 260 state emloyees, closing several state parks, clsoing the women’s prison, closing two mental health clinics, etc. So, I’m not worried that Federal employess are biting the bullet , too. Christmas is going to be pretty lean at my house.

    Four days off makes a house payment. Or rent since I lost my house this year to a crroked banker. But, I won’t get laid off. I’m supposed to be grateful. My boss is quitting and someone has to do her job. With a freeze on hiring, that would be me. With an overtinme freeze. I get to do more for less.

    I know Federal worker deserve a raise. I know they work hard, but so do I. I didn’t elect this president and Ritter has been turning his back on Labor all year. He might lose a big vote block next year if we all wtay home.

  2. 2 apishapa September 7, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    I left that last comment on the wrong post. First time I’ve been her. Sorry. I meant to post it on the Federal workers not getting a raise post.

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