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Stephen Colbert sells out

he as signed on with the education deform movement.

The public option is an advertising slogan

How many people supporting the “public option” understand

that it’s firewalled to 9 million or so people?

Are they holding the line on the “pissant 9-million enrollee public option” or they don’t know a bait-and-switch has occurred? (Which one is worse?)

Over at Steve Benen’s blog, it seems like a lot of commenters (who are supposed to be the informed ones commenting on the “uninformed” poll respondents) are going on the assumption that this is some sort of Medicare Buy-In public option.

And Steve is just adding to the disinformation by saying, “At this point, perhaps it’s better to emphasize its qualities? Call it the ‘competition option’ or the ‘public choice option’?” Those “emphasize its qualities“? Sheesh. It gets loonier by the day.

Leaving Obamaland

Bruce Dixon

Democrats could accomplish nothing during the Bush years, they told us, for the first six years because they were a minority, and during the last two because Republicans could filibuster. Now, with both houses of congress, a filibuster-proof senate majority and a “transformative leader” in the White House Democrats can only continue the wars, the privatizations, the terture, coverups and kidnapping. In power, Obama and Democrats can bail out Wall Street but not homeowners; they cannot accomplish anything voters want, like universal health care, Medicare For All. Some Democratic activists are sobering up, looking around, and heading for the exits.

Can we fire Michelle Rhee already?

DC school enrollment continues to decline

Prometheus 6 answers your questions

Frequently Asked Questions About “U-People”

Hecate asks a very good question


I’d love to know if there’s ever been any instance, ever, of the xians getting together for a conference or festival and the media heading to the witches to ask for a comment.

Cannonfire asks a question about organ theft

I’d still like to know why it is all right to talk about organ theft conducted by Chinese, Brazilians and Pakistanis, but not by Israelis.

Buy DCblogger a pizza

Seriously, I have a cash flow emergency and would really appreciate something to eat..

Congratulations Alegre!

In this economy it is always great to hear about someone getting a job!

Three cheers for Arlington County

Arlington County sues over HOT lanes

Arlington County is suing Virginia, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration for moving forward with the high-occupancy toll (HOT) lane projects on Interstate 95 and Interstate 395 without a full environmental and public health analysis.

It is time to build a transportation system for the post carbon economy, more ways to move cars is not the way to go.