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The Kennedy HELP bill (draft text)
We need people to read this proposed health care reform for analysis.

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The Sideshow

Tim Foley asks, “Who Will Get Locked Out of the Health Exchange? Another question from emails I’ve received: Everyone knows the mantra of those proposing these health care reform bills is, ‘If you have insurance and you like it, you can keep it.’ But there’s a flip-side question – what happens if you don’t like the insurance you have through an employer? Can you ditch it for the friendly ground of the National Health Exchange (House version) or the Health Gateways at the state level (Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee version) and maybe even get yourself a piece of that ultra-competitive public plan everyone keeps talking about? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘it depends.’ Depending on what makes it into the final bill, many of us could get locked out.” And that seems to be the direction the leadership wants to move in – apparently believing that giving all our money to Goldman Sachs has cured solved all our problems and therefore full employment is just around the corner so we’ll all have great health insurance through our employers. Which would, of course, force most people who have commercial “insurance” to keep it, and therefore remain effectively uninsured. Remember, about three quarters of the people who ended up in bankruptcy because of medical problems had “health insurance”. Damn, I really thought Michael Moore had already driven this point home.


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