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Clue for the clueless

The clue impaired officers urgently need to understand that if you address male senators as senator and female senators as ma’am, you are disrespecting female senators. Moreover, the military should address politicians as politicians indicate. In a democracy it is the politicians who make the rules, having received the mandate of the people.

This is your brain on imperialism

If Uganda Has Oil It Must Need The Pentagon’s Democracy

Why we need a single payer, Medicare for All health system

The problem with “centrism”


They make a fetish of reaching the lowest common political denominator, rather than advocating for something which actually solves the problem.

What Susie said

If you’re as sick of the pro-corporatist slant on NPR as I am, donate to a blogger – any blogger

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Consortium News needs our help.

Finale to Mendelssohn’s Reformation Symphony

Jonathan Alter’s crony journalism

The frustrated teacher

It is convenient to blame teachers for America’s education woes because it lets everyone else off the hook. Tragically, this has become the vogue opinion in the mainstream media, and I’m calling bullshit. Jonathan Alter’s latest column in Newsweek pushed me over the edge. Here’s the implicit argument:

Why do kids drop out? Not the stultifying test prep, overcrowded rooms, chronic absenteeism, or lack of personal connection to a counselor. It’s bad teachers.

Why are America’s test scores lagging compared to other countries around the world? Not deep-seated cycles of drugs/violence/ignorance in many neighborhoods or an antiquated school calendar with a ridiculous summer vacuum. It’s complacent, unionized teachers.

Alter works for Newsweek, which is owned by the Washington Post, which also owns Kaplan. That is why “stultifying test prep” gets a pass and unions get the blame.