Obamanity: The Religion of Complicity

Solomon Comissiong

With Obama’s allegiance to Wall Street bankers, by way of gigantic bailouts, black unemployment rates can expect to remain markedly higher than for whites. With Obama’s appointing of cabinet members like Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, we can expect schools in predominately black and brown areas to remain disadvantaged and increasingly privatized. With Obama’s non-existent approach to systemic, structural and institutional racism, we can expect America’s centuries-old legacy of racism and white supremacy to linger on. For many black Obama supporters his presidency continues to appear as a mirage in a “desert” of oppression.

However, some so-called white liberals voted for him because it made them feel as though they shed a little bit of that “white man’s burden.” They retain the built in white privilege that comes with their skin color. Voting for Obama was almost cathartic for white liberals, allowing them to feel they had done something to close the race gap in America – without really doing much of anything at all. They can now return to their racially segregated lives, unburdened by worries about structural and institutional racism. Police brutality, disproportionate black and brown unemployment, racial profiling, a racist criminal “justice” system, and apartheid styled school systems are alive and well. America’s war mongering foreign policy sure hasn’t changed an iota since the inception of America’s first black presidency. As if any change could have been reasonably expected within the constraints of the two corporate beholden mainstream parties.


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