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Investigating Khobar Towers

How a Saudi Deception Protected bin Laden

Arne Duncan snubs DC parents

No education listening and learning from little DC by big DC

It appears now Secretary Duncan is having second thoughts about “listening and learning” from parents, teachers, and community leaders in the District of Columbia. During a recent education stakeholders’ forum representing national education interests general based in the District, Mr. Massie Ritsch, Deputy Assistant Secretary for External Affairs and Outreach for the Department of Education, announced a planned listening and learning tour has been scheduled this September in the District.

However, this “listening and learning tour” stop will be held only for national education associations located in the Washington metropolitan region to discuss national issues such as reauthorization of the elementary and secondary education act and congressional appropriations, not to listen and learn from District parents, students, teachers, and community members as has been the case for all previous listening and learning tour stops by Secretary Duncan.

Obama reasserts authority to detain without charges

indefinite detention. I am so glad I did not campaign for this toad.

Why Terry O’Neill was elected president of NOW

The recent NOW convention.

What Jane Hamsher said

NPR and Torture: Time to Revisit Publicly Funded Media

If you’re as sick of the pro-corporatist slant on NPR as I am, donate to a blogger – any blogger

Child abuse under color of virtue

It is sickeningly clear that the abstinence movement and purity proponents are a pack of perverts who delight in tormenting children.

Why we can’t have a better press corps

To answer Brad deLong’s question.

Paul Rosenberg talks about Froomkin

The same sort of fate has befallen some of the best journalists in modern times.  It happened to I.F. Stone, who was remembered this week on Democracy Now! He was so prominent he was on Meet The Press one week in 1949, challenging the editor of The Journal of the American Medical Association, who was leading the charge against national health care, and he was gone in a flash, not to appear on national television for another 18 years. It happened to famed foreign correspondent George Seldes as well, first subject to repeated censorship by his publisher at the Chicago Tribune, and later almost silenced by the blacklist under McCarthy.  It happened in stages to investigative reporter Robert Parry, who broke the initial story on Iran/Contra, and now runs  And it happened to Gary Webb, whose 1996 “Dark Alliance” expose of CIA/Contra involvement in the crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s was later confirmed by CIA Inspector General Frederick Hitz, but that didn’t save him from being driven out of journalism.  The overwhelming preponderance of this pattern makes it blindingly clear that (a) there’s nothing random or haphazard about it, and (b) the media establishment is not about quality newsgathering, it’s about ideological confromity, it’s about propaganda, it’s about hegemony.

Clue for the clueless

The clue impaired officers urgently need to understand that if you address male senators as senator and female senators as ma’am, you are disrespecting female senators. Moreover, the military should address politicians as politicians indicate. In a democracy it is the politicians who make the rules, having received the mandate of the people.

This is your brain on imperialism

If Uganda Has Oil It Must Need The Pentagon’s Democracy

Why we need a single payer, Medicare for All health system