Maryland’s single payer bill, HB 1125

Delegates Working on Health Care Issues in Maryland

Del. Montgomery is once again setting a high standard for health care legislation in Maryland, reintroducing her bill: (HB 1125) to guarantee health care for all Maryland residents through a “Single Payer” approach.

Under the proposed “Single Payer” system, patients would seek health care from doctors, hospitals, etc. and the State of Maryland would finance the care from general revenues. Del. Manno, Del. Hucker and Del. Mizuer joined several other Maryland legislators cosponsoring this bill. The complete list of HB 1125 sponsors–so far–includes the following Delegates: Montgomery, Manno, Hucker, Ali, Anderson, Barkley, Benson, Bobo, Carr, V. Clagett, Conaway, Doory, Frush, Gutierrez, Hixson, Hubbard, Kaiser, Lee, McIntosh, Nathan-Pulliam, Niemann, Oaks, Pena-Melnyk, Reznick, Rice, Riley, Rosenberg, Taylor, V. Turner, Valderrama, and Waldstreicher.

We need to make sure that whatever passes on the federal level does not prohibit states from doing their own single payer plans

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