Blogger kool aide

Check out the anti McAuliffe screed:

Lucky for T-Mac, he picked up a few things from his friend Bill Clinton who was a master at turning weakness into strength.

What was it about Clinton this blogger doesn’t like, was it the peace or the prosperity?

Back in the early 1990’s Terry McAuliffe introduced the Democratic Party to the corrupting influence of easy money from corporate lobbyists which had already infected the Republican Party and ultimately got us screwed on NAFTA, GATT and health care reform. By cutting deals, McAuliffe created a massive fund raising wall with himself as the gate keeper. To line up a run for Hillary Clinton in 2008, he closed the gate on Al Gore and blocked him from running in 2004 and doomed us all to 4 more years of George Bush and the current financial disaster we are now in. When Howard Dean showed us how to crash McAuliffe’s gate with millions of small donors, a ton of attack ads showed up in Iowa to sabotage Dean’s campaign.


How did McAuliffe block Gore from running in 2004? That makes no sense whatsoever. In fact the whole rant is just a series of allegations with no substantiation. It is bizarre. As a resident of DC, I don’t pretend to know which candidate should win the primary, but this blogger simply insults readers.

2 Responses to “Blogger kool aide”

  1. 1 Joe in Wynnewood April 6, 2009 at 1:04 am

    I don’t know about the Gore ’04 claim, but if you click through the other links you’ll find that there is substantiation, so your characterization of Todd’s post as a screed to be summarily dismissed is itself unfounded.

    McAuliffe is undoubtedly an insider’s insider. He is a creature of the Clinton, DLC wing of the party with substantial ties to big business. To the degree that he now tries to paint himself as something else, he is certainly being disingenuous at best.

    Certainly Clinton, and those such as McAuliffe who have tied themselves to the Clinton aura, deserves credit for his accomplishments, but he also must bear responsibility for having fostered and furthered GOP-bread deregulation that is the undeniable root cause of our current economic debacle (not to mention his lack of personal self-control that certainly did little to help Al Gore in ‘2000).

    As for Todd, he has done admirable work in the grassroots trenches and has earned the right to toss a few firebrands at McAuliffe.

  2. 2 dcblogger April 6, 2009 at 1:25 am

    I don’t live in Virginia, this isn’t my fight, but judging only by this post, not only does Todd not know the difference between a primary and a general election, Todd is still fighting the 2008 primary. But it isn’t my problem.

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