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Attention Harry Reid

Why Are the Democrats Letting Franken Twist in the Wind?

Does anyone wonder what the republicans would be doing if the shoe were on the other foot? Does anyone wonder what level of outrage would be leveled at the State of Minnesota if they were refusing to seat the rightfully elected REPUBLICAN?

Tax on grocery bags

The DC City Council is considering a 5ยข tax on EVERY grocery bag. They need the money to clean up the Anacostia River.

I understand the money has to come from somewhere, I just don’t understand why there is always money for the DC Nationals or other big buck projects, but never any money to meet basic needs.

Am I the only person reusing plastic trash bags for dog poop? Plastic bags don’t just get discarded, they are used for so many things, except for the ones that end up in the recycling bin at the grocery store.

Greater Greater Washington takes a different view

Torturers still in power


Elena Kagan, Dean of Harvard Law School and nominee for Solicitor General, announced that she believes that the government has the authority to detain indefinitely terrorism suspects because the country is “at war” with Al Qaeda.

This is why we need war crimes trials, to show moral bankrupts like Elena Kagan that torture is wrong.

Preach it brother Dingle

Why Health Care Can’t Wait

Obama kool aide

It is just sad when someone will excuse anything, up to and including torture. Sad. Just plain sad.

Job losses in recent recessions

Jobs lost chart

Via Madam Speaker

Why Jane Hamsher is one of the best bloggers

Gang of fools.

Does anything better capture the drivel about bi-partisan efforts? It is her gift for the pithy phrase that perfectly captures the idiocy of Versailles that makes her blogging so popular.