Defend your retirement

Avedon Carol

Don’t look now – but they really do sound like they are going to do the insane thing. Go read everything Digby says about the administration’s threats to Social Security, and then call your Senators and Congresscreature and tell them you do not want our country to commit economic suicide. Then write to the media and explain that Social Security is funded, and it’s just about the only thing left that is. (PS. The Baby-Boom generation had children, too – there is no giant baby-bust to justify the canard that there aren’t enough workers to support Social Security. There are enough workers. But there won’t be enough jobs if our legislators keep cutting our legs out from under us – and screwing up Social Security with conservative “reforms” would certainly do that.) Oh, yeah, mention this to every person you encounter who is over the age of 50, no matter who they are. It’s amazing how many people hate everything about liberalism except Social Security (although they think SS has nothing to do with liberalism or the government).

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