No Limits

Ann Lewis

Everywhere I’ve gone in the last few months, I’ve seen people I worked with in Hillary’s campaign. I heard about the work you were doing, and how many of you signed up for Hillary Sent Me. I know you were a big part of the election victories that have made us all so proud –and left us all feeling better about the future of our country.

We talked about how proud we are of Hillary, and what she’s doing now.

We told funny stories about the campaign trail; and we talked about what you were planning to do next, building on the experience and strengths we found in the last year, more determined than ever to work on issues that make a difference for us and our families.

Hillary didn’t just put 18 million cracks in that glass ceiling – she opened the doors a whole lot wider for all of us. Now its up to us to keep going through and to bring our friends.

I don’t know how I feel about this. Is this a legitimate movement? Or just capitalizing on Clinton support?

I have never seen Ann Lewis as the grassroots sort. There are no permalinks or comment sections. Correntewire it ain’t.


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