Does Slover have a conflict of interest?

Similarities in Advanced High School Math Courses Often Mask Differences in Standards and Requirements

Those variations reflect, in part, patchwork government policy: The District, like many states, is moving toward a mandate for all students to pass Algebra II before graduating. Maryland and Virginia are not.

On the other hand, although all three jurisdictions have raised expectations for what should be taught in the class, only Virginia requires Algebra II students to take a standardized test to show they have learned the material.

Historically, “academic standards have been all over the place,” said Sandy Boyd, a vice president at Achieve in the District. …

…Laura Slover, a D.C. State Board of Education member who is also a vice president at Achieve, said the requirement is a first step. But to meet the goal, she said, the District must improve teacher training, support students who are lagging and synchronize instruction from preschool on.

Was Slover originally appointed to the School Board so that she could constrain DC to purchase her company’s services? Are students going to be prevented from graduating so that she can line her pockets with the proceeds of their humiliation?

You know why MD & VA aren’t doing this? Because the Slovers of this world would be run out of town on a rail in the suburbs.


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