Maureen Dowd


Maureen Dowd is a deranged lunatic. She’s a sexist monster who constantly ridiculed Al Gore in the most dissembling way and thus gave us George Bush. Similarly she constantly ridiculed John Kerry and thus gave us the George Bush second term. She somehow thought it made her look clever to try to “feminize” (read emasculate) Gore and Kerry and “masculinize” Hillary Clinton. Any one who has read Dowd’s most recent book knows that she has serious gender issues. She should resolve her own before commenting ubiquitously on the ones she invents out of thin air for others.

She rarely has anything of substance to say; instead she prefers to comment on how politicians dress, whether they have facial hair, the timbre of their voice, how much they weigh, etc. The New York Times own public editor had to call her out for her erratic and sexist commentary.

She is one of the two most repulsive pundits in America (the other being her doppelganger in male form, Andrew Sullivan).

In large part, because of dishonest pundits like Dowd and Sullivan, thousands of Americans and Iraqis are dead. Gore and Kerry lost because the press corp wanted them to lose; we’re all paying for the results.

Anyone who wants to learn more about how vile Dowd really is should visit the Daily Howler (Archives) and check out what Bob Somberby has to say about this waste of human protoplasm.

I am sure that Steve found it great fun partying with all the celebrities but he should be embarrassed about even entering this woman’s home.

If I found my self seated next to her on a plane, I would be asked to be reseated. I don’t think I could stand her stench.

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