Why the news media concealed FISA abuse

Left Coaster

I can’t imagine now that Tice has made it clear that journalists were a “target” rather than a group that was cleared as “safe,” that journalists will pass up another opportunity to make themselves the story. That is, if their monitors didn’t find embarrassing tidbits they’d rather not have publicized. I’d be willing to bet we’ve finally gotten the answer to our eight-year-long question of why the media fell over themselves to ignore and/or excuse Bush and Cheney’s criminal behavior.

The reason that the news media didn’t want to follow this story is because they were the story. The conglomerates who own the news networks and big newspapers also own the cable companies who were paid by the NSA to spy on us. During the advertising slump the money from the NSA was the difference between solvency and bankruptcy. And they don’t ever want us to know that.


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