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How to get hired by a big box store

Because the economy is that bad
Some Answers to the Unicru personality test

Commentary by Timothy Horrigan; January 27, 2009

Many of us find ourselves in need of whatever dumb job we can get. And one dumb job which is still reasonably abundant even in these bad times is “Big Box” Retail. Many of these store use a seemingly inscrutable personality test called the “Unicru” test. Even though I tend to be good at standardized tests and have even worked in the testing industry for a while, I have flunked this one a time or two. Happily, I have found one of the many answer keys which is floating around the internet.

This is a totally unofficial key, compiled off the top of my head from my limited experience and study, using random materials which have been floating around the web for years. Use it at your own risk. I got the basic info from a blogger named “Yowling Cat” on an autism/Asperger’s blog called WrongPlanet. He or she got it from someone named Daniel. I tweaked it by sorting the prompts by the expected answers— which are always “Strongly Agree” or “Strongly Disagree.” You actually have four options to choose from, when asked whether a statement applies to you or not:

  1. Strongly Disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Agree
  4. Strongly Agree

“Disagree” or “Agree” are NEVER the right answer to any question, even though any sensible person will have mixed feelings about all these questions.

Rhee ality check

On January 16, City Council Chairman Vincent Gray organized a full-day hearing on the state of human capital development in DCPS

National author and researcher, Thomas Toch, who has studied the strengths and weaknesses of evaluation systems across the country, warned of the dangers of tying teacher evaluation to student test scores.

Broad Acres Case Study — Lessons for DCPS (PDF)

No Limits

Ann Lewis

Everywhere I’ve gone in the last few months, I’ve seen people I worked with in Hillary’s campaign. I heard about the work you were doing, and how many of you signed up for Hillary Sent Me. I know you were a big part of the election victories that have made us all so proud –and left us all feeling better about the future of our country.

We talked about how proud we are of Hillary, and what she’s doing now.

We told funny stories about the campaign trail; and we talked about what you were planning to do next, building on the experience and strengths we found in the last year, more determined than ever to work on issues that make a difference for us and our families.

Hillary didn’t just put 18 million cracks in that glass ceiling – she opened the doors a whole lot wider for all of us. Now its up to us to keep going through and to bring our friends.

I don’t know how I feel about this. Is this a legitimate movement? Or just capitalizing on Clinton support?

I have never seen Ann Lewis as the grassroots sort. There are no permalinks or comment sections. Correntewire it ain’t.

Concerning war crimes

There is this naive assumption that this is America’s decision to make. Nonsense. If we don’t do this then another country will initiate procedings against us. That is what happened to Pinochet, and what will probably happen to Bush, Cheney, et al.

This week in God

Mike’s blog roud up

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How did James Clyburn lose it on health care?

Black Agenda Report

Clyburn is a longtime member of the Congressional Black Caucus, and back in April of last year signed on as a co-sponsor of HR 676, the Medicare-For-All single payer health care proposal advanced by Rep. John Conyers (D- MI) and endorsed by Physicians For A National Health Care Plan. Is Clyburn being forced to toe the White House line and violate Democratic campaign promises and his personal commitments? Or are he and the House leadership taking initiative on their own to violate those promises and commitments? Again, the silence from the White House makes the former the most likely. How many other co-sponsors of HR 676 just signed it because it made a good press release, but have no intention of seeing it ever brought to a vote? …

It is estimated that 18,000 premature deaths occur in the US each year because of lack of  medical coverage.  Fifty or sixty million Americans have no health coverage at all, and another hundred fifty million are grossly underinsured.  Democrats were able to pass SCHIP with a smaller majority under the Bush administration.  They did not run on promises of “incremental reform”.  They ran promising to deliver national, comprehensive, universal health care.  Clyburn himself is a co-sponsor of the single payer bill.  So why are the expectations of House Democrats and the White House, with a popular wind at their backs, so unconscionably low now?

Despite the Obama administration’s open phone lines and email boxes at, and its hypocritical encouragement of supporters to hold health care house meetings to voice their opinions, the Obama White House, and House Democrats – just like their Republican counterparts — are hip deep in campaign contributions private health insurance companies. These private insurers, according to Physicians For a National Health Care Plan, rake off thirty cents of every health care dollar under the present broken health care system, so they have an enormous financial stake in preventing universal health care, especially single payer health care. Their dollars apparently speak louder than our votes.

The deep and multilayered hypocrisy around the issue of whether Democrats, with huge majorities in the House and Senate, will even try to produce national health care legislation is only exceeded by that of the corporate news establishment, who won’t tell the story, and instead dangle the clownish Illinois governor before us. One supposes that in a week when Britney Spears has remained sober and Paris Hilton has avoided a public breakdown, this is the best and most important news they can find.

Bush is gone, but the Assault on Reason continues.

The Reagan legacy

Seeing the Forest

What can be done about it? The root cause of this and many other problems in our economy is the stagnation of incomes that began when Reagan was elected. Republican policies brought a massive concentration of wealth at the top with a select few reaping all of the benefits of our economic system. But this double-bubble collapsing-economy problem is costing their wealth as well. Trickle-down doesn’t, and when the rest of us are tapped out by misguided policies like these it spells disaster for everyone.

Après moi, le déluge

Why corporations keep winning without public support

Well, actually there are many reasons, but a big one is that progressives do NOT support there own. I am not talking about ordinary workers struggling with debt, living on the edge, I am talking about progressive organizations with budgets, even if small ones.

Suburban Guerrilla
is having a fundraiser. What do you see on her blog? A complete absence of blogads from HealthCare-Now!, Guaranteed Healthcare, or Physicians for a National Health Plan. For an embarrassingly small sum of money they could support an important voice. Just because someone gives you something for free, does not mean you shouldn’t pay anyway.

Corporations, even in these troubled times, support a vast army of agit-prop hacks. Progressive organizations won’t part with the small change to raise awareness among hundreds of activists.

Blogging is not free redux

Many have been kind enough to respond to dcblogger’s earlier request for assistance. I am still in a pinch, so if there are any among you with a secure job, and not burdened with debt, and feel so inclined, please follow the link to the paypal button and throw some spare change. It will be greatly appreciated.

Does Slover have a conflict of interest?

Similarities in Advanced High School Math Courses Often Mask Differences in Standards and Requirements

Those variations reflect, in part, patchwork government policy: The District, like many states, is moving toward a mandate for all students to pass Algebra II before graduating. Maryland and Virginia are not.

On the other hand, although all three jurisdictions have raised expectations for what should be taught in the class, only Virginia requires Algebra II students to take a standardized test to show they have learned the material.

Historically, “academic standards have been all over the place,” said Sandy Boyd, a vice president at Achieve in the District. …

…Laura Slover, a D.C. State Board of Education member who is also a vice president at Achieve, said the requirement is a first step. But to meet the goal, she said, the District must improve teacher training, support students who are lagging and synchronize instruction from preschool on.

Was Slover originally appointed to the School Board so that she could constrain DC to purchase her company’s services? Are students going to be prevented from graduating so that she can line her pockets with the proceeds of their humiliation?

You know why MD & VA aren’t doing this? Because the Slovers of this world would be run out of town on a rail in the suburbs.