Why Children need teachers with tenure redux

Which brings us to the other warring camp. Administrators can behave just as nastily as the unions.

The new star general in the union-opposition army is Michelle Rhee, chancellor of the D.C. schools for the last year and a half. Dressed in black, she scowls from the cover of a recent Time magazine. She clutches a broom to symbolize her intention to clean house by sweeping away all the terrible teachers she credits for D.C. school’s abysmal performance. The cover’s headline reads: “How to Fix America’s Schools.”

Oh, please. More war.

Such administrators are the reason so many good teachers believe they still need unions, and need them badly. Hyper-authoritarian administrators storm the beaches, guns blazing, not much caring what dies in the crossfire. Schools may improve, but at the cost of human misery. And miserable teachers cannot foster a love of learning.

See also Education Notes’ tribute to Bob Somerby


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