The Kerensky Democrats

Chris Bowers on Democartic leadersheep

The culture of Democratic capitulation on Capitol Hill is pervasive enough in the Democratic Congress, and has been around for long enough, that “compromises” like these have become par for the course. While it will certainly help to have even larger majorities in Congress, and especially to see Bush removed from the White House, the underlying skepticism about the ability of Democratic leaders to force progressive change should not disappear, and Obama should not be exempted from it. In the event of unified Republican opposition, significant turn-coating from Blue Dogs or the Senate Gang of Fourteen, center-right advice or management from new staff or cabinet secretaries, successful fear-mongering by the Republican Noise Machine, or some combination of these factors, there is good reason to be worried progressive change can still be stalled even under a large, Obama-led Democratic trifecta. There are not many examples where either Obama or Democratic congressional leaders have been able to successfully fight against that sort of anti-progressive political movement, and so I see no reason to stop being skeptical of their ability to deliver progressive change until proven otherwise.

Having over thown the Republican Tsar, the Democrats are unwilling to make the changes the country so clearly voted for. So now what? I don’t know.


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