Concerning Favreau and the Obama fan base

Mike comments at TAPPED

This is typical of the ObamafanBoyz thinking: Degrading women and running a misogynist campaign is fine because it is for you. Obama shows no concern? Obama shows no concern about anything until it penetrates his narcissistic ego.

Favreau’s behavior is disgusting and offensive to many outside your clique. As a center of the Obama campaign, he is a public figure. You may approve of behavior that is degrading women and to be sure, it was typical of the campaign and his media harlots like Matthews, Olbermann, Robinson, Maddow.

This degradation is directed at Obama’s Secretary of State who is will represent his administration and this country around the world. If this exemplifies the way she will be treated by the Obama camp, it’s a sorry comment on Obama. To allow this image of her being groped and degraded by a close associate of the president elect, by someone who appears to be on track as a member of the administration, says two things to the nations and diplomats of the world: shit on her since we do; and, secondly, we don’t respect you enough to send someone we respect. I realize that Obama probably shares this contempt because as was pointed out long ago: a fish rots from the head.

His refusal act upon the irreducible fact of this photo is paradigmatic of Obama’s political behavior. He is loath to do the right thing if that thing involves a criticism of himself.

This clearly shows Favreau is an immature jerk, a fool, and unfit to hold any government office let alone have been such a crucial member of the Obama team. There is no excuse for this.

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2 Responses to “Concerning Favreau and the Obama fan base”

  1. 1 joan of arc December 12, 2008 at 12:27 am

    I got an email from NOW today that states:

    We’re nearing the end of 2009, the holidays are just around the corner, and I’m counting the days until January 20.

    I’m sure you share my excitement at the golden political opportunity we have before us — a newly-elected president and vice president who care about women’s rights, a House and Senate with leaders who “get it,” and majorities for many of the issues we care about as feminists.

    Please consider a year-end, tax-deductible gift of equality.


  2. 2 dcblogger December 12, 2008 at 12:52 am

    Save your money for CorrenteWire, SeeingtheForest, or ConsortiumNews or someone else who is doing constructive work.

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