Will Vincent Gray free us from Chacellor Potty mouth?


Almost certainly. Gray decided upon becoming chairman that he was going to do it for the children. Thus, with a mayoral schools takeover on the horizon, he put the D.C. Public Schools, the State Education Office (now the Office of the State Superintendent of Education), and UDC under the Committee of the Whole. That meant Gray became the council’s de facto education czar. It’s also meant marathon hearings for schools honchos, as all 13 councilmembers line up to take their shots, and it’s meant that no one besides Gray has developed any special expertise in DCPS.

Breaking off an education committee would probably be good government—with a smaller, more dedicated group exercising deeper oversight—but, as far as Gray’s concerned, it’s not good politics. He relishes wearing his schools-watchdog hat and wouldn’t trust any of his colleagues with it. Get ready, Michelle Rhee, for lots more eight-hour hearings over the next two years.

If Vincent Gray wants to use the schools issue to run against Fenty (and I hope he does) than he is going to have to use his position on council to counter Potty Mouth’s very formidable PR machine. That will take many hearings as he goes over the budget and exposes Rhee as someone whose numbers simply do not add up. I hope he is up for it.

Why we call her Potty Mouth.


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