The Nigerian email Chancellor


Michelle Rhee is attracting attention because she is that rarest of persons: A CEO dedicated to busting her industry’s union.

You’ll not find this description anywhere else, because Michelle Rhee is the Chancellor of DC Public Schools, and this automatically makes her an education reformer, even though her strategy so far has consisted entirely of firing a bunch of principals and attempting to remove all employment protections for teachers in order to put the fear of God in them, coupled with paying certain high performers exorbitant salaries in the conservative’s classic strategy of drumming up support for their polices. She’s basically using a few high-paid teachers to convince all the rest of DC’s educators that, with hard work and pluck and, um, American spirit or something, they too can earn six figures while teaching high school, so lets all support policies that benefit only those few at the top out of our unfounded hopes that everyone can be at the top!


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