Cheh asks for Sequoia Voting Stystems source code

Cheh Presses Sequoia on Voting Machines

After the Nov. 4th general election, Cheh said she’s determined that there are irregularities that suggest systemic problems in the software. She’s now pressing the company that supplies the equipment to comply with a previously issued subpoena.

Cheh wants the company, Sequoia Voting Stystems, to turn over the source code for the software, and plans to take up the issue in tomorrow’s 10 a.m. hearing on voting problems in the John A. Wilson Building.

Well done Cheh.


1 Response to “Cheh asks for Sequoia Voting Stystems source code”

  1. 1 Tom Poe November 13, 2008 at 7:45 pm

    Proprietary software is not subject to public scrutiny. Australia decided several years ago, that proprietary voting systems eliminate voters’ right to vote. To protect their right to vote, they developed Open Source software. They then made that software freely available to the world to download, modify and use for their own elections. The U.S. could have an election system that cost a small fraction of what we’re paying, and would enable public scrutiny of our elections. Abramoff wrote the language in HAVA, it was passed, and we now have proprietary voting systems that do not permit public scrutiny of the software. This was deliberate. So, Cheh’s words are fluff, and used to placate the masses. She knows the Courts have ruled as recently as December, 2006, there is no way to get Sequoia’s source code in a meaningful way that satisfies voters’ right to vote.

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