Attn: Maryland, mortgage late? you have options

Home Owners Preserving Equity

If you are having trouble with your mortgage and are worried about losing your home, do not panic. And don’t sign anything you don’t understand. While not everyone will be able to save their home, help is available and there may be a solution to your situation — your home and your family’s financial future are both at stake.

Falling behind on your mortgage or confronting an interest rate reset need not mean you will lose your home. A network of counselors is being strengthened to help Maryland homeowners contact their lenders and servicers and explore other options. The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development has new programs that will help some homeowners refinance into an affordable mortgage or catch up on missed payments while negotiating a better outcome than foreclosure. The Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation is investigating cases of fraud and foreclosure prevention scams.

Take charge of your circumstances, explore all your options and, most importantly, don’t wait!


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