Two votes for DC City Council At Large

There are two seats for City Council At Large. By law, one must be reserved for a member of a non-majority party, but there is no reason you could not vote for two non-majority.

Is that a voting guide in your pants?

So that at-large race: there are 2 open seats, one of which needs to go to a non-Democrat (under the law that states that 2 of the 4 total at-large seats need to be held by someone of the non-majority party). The Democratic incumbent is Kwame Brown. The official Republican candidate is Patrick Mara. The Republican incumbent, Carol Schwartz, is running a write-in campaign. There are also three independents (Michael Brown, Mark Long, and Dee Hunter), and Statehood Green Party candidate David Schwartzman. Personally, I really like Carol Schwartz, especially after the way she’s acted on the issues I raised in my last post (writing the mayor in opposition to proposed changes, grilling Peter Nickles at his confirmation hearing). She’s also a fiscal conservative in a city that frankly needs more of that. We certainly don’t agree on everything, but she believes in holding government accountable, so she gets my vote (write in her name, and connect the arrow).

That leaves me one other choice. My research leads me to support David Schwartzman, but since he’s also a non-Democrat, that vote would basically cancel out my vote for Schwartz. Thus I’ll also vote for Kwame Brown, the incumbent Democrat, since a vote for him won’t count as a vote against Carol since he’s already in the majority party.

There is no reason you could not write in Carol Scwhartz AND vote for David Schwartzman. It is not as if Kwame Brown was running for a City Council reserved for a Democrat. You can vote for 2 at large city council candidates, neither one of them have to be Kwame Brown if you don’t support him.


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