David Sirota discovers the digital mob

Trends In Zombie Hate Mail

Now he knows what Taylor Marsh, Jeralyn, and even obscure Hillary bloggers have known for months. Obama has a nasty mob of digital enforcers who seek to silence anyone who dares to criticize the precious. And it isn’t just online, why does he think it got so ugly in the caucus states?

Obama is not a progressive. He isn’t the first community organizer who sold out for power.

It is going to get worse after Obama takes office. Not for nothing did he vote to continue FISA abuse.


1 Response to “David Sirota discovers the digital mob”

  1. 1 gil mann October 25, 2008 at 6:13 am

    Yeah, I still clearly recall how there weren’t any Clinton supporters willing to overlook their candidate’s flaws and make vicious attacks on their opponents.

    Criminy, there are fictional TV characters with overzealous online fans willing to brook no criticism.

    So you’re saying there are lots of id-driven dingbats on the internet. Whadda scoop!

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