Paris vs Versailles

Acting D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles pulled out some heavy hitters to support him at his confirmation hearing before a D.C. Council committee this afternoon

Not everyone was so impressed with Nickles, however. Several activists are testifying against him, including Tenants Advocacy Coalition (TENAC) Chairman Jim McGrath and Alison Gill, head of the D.C. Trans Coalition, an advocacy group for the city’s transgender community.

McGrath said his organization has been turned off by Nickles’ brusque, dismissive manner. That group also objected to Mayor Fenty’s firing of former D.C. Rent Administrator Grayce Wiggins, who housing activists said was fired because she supported tenants in a dispute against a politically connected developer. The activists have been angered by Nickles’s actions in defending the administration’s position, including declining to answer questions from the council at a recent hearing on the matter.

Peter Nickles chief claim to fame appears to be busting the football players union and setting up police check points in Trinidad. Neither inspire much confidence. I am curious that Empower DC has not expressed any opinion.

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