There are none so blind as those who will not see

Chris Bowers

I won’t miss statements like “Republicans will just use voting machines to steal the election anyway.” Such statements irritate me because of both their fatalism and general lack of proof. While I have no doubt that such statements will continue even if Democrats when a 100 seat majority in Congress, they will be less frequent. Kind of hard to argue that Republicans just steal all elections through voting machines when Democrats have such enormous majorities.

The fact is that voting machines must be programmed weeks ahead of the election. The Mark Foley scandal broke at the last minute, after the machines had been programmed. Assuming the machines are rigged, it would have to be very narrowly rigged. If you steal too many votes it is conspicuous, so you have to calibrate it very closely. A last minute political catastrophe throws everything off.

Thank heaven for the army of techies and election integrity activists who have tracked this issue. Lefty blogosphere has been wose than useless.


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