Why David Schwartzman is the better choice for City Council

The Other Debate Proves Fast and Furious

As expected, there weren’t many obvious differences between many of the candidates on the issues. This is, after all, an overwhelmingly Democratic town, and even Independents and Republicans tend to skew left on most issues. When asked about the recently announced $131 million budget shortfall, the candidates promised to streamline government agencies and reduce waste while maintaining key services. Schwartzman advocated raising taxes on the top five percent of District earners, while Schwartz took a page out of Sen. McCain’s book and promoted dumping earmarks from the D.C. budget. No one was willing to support bringing the Redskins back unconditionally, especially if it involved public funds; everyone sided with keeping 7th Street SE in Eastern Market closed to cars on weekends; the majority of the candidates supported re-opening the Franklin shelter or finding a permanent alternative; gay marriage found no dissenters; only Schwartzman expressed opposition to Rhee’s plan to offer the option to increase teacher pay in exchange for giving up tenure; no one but Mara said they’d vote to repeal paid sick-leave for part-time employees; and almost everyone dodged the Southeast/Southwest Freeway and single beer sales questions by saying that they would defer to local ANCs. There was even close to unanimous agreement on who the candidates would choose other than themselves for one of the two the At-Large seats — Council member Kwame Brown. (Strangely, he said he would cast a second for himself before voting for anyone else.)

Edit –
Shorter Loose Lips, Schwartzman in DC’s Bernie Sanders, although LL didn’t put it that way.
Washington Post:

Voters will be asked to select two picks, and there is widespread belief that Brown, a well-funded and popular incumbent, will cruise to one of the seats in the Democratic-dominated city. Statehood Green candidate David Schwartzman was the only one who did not bow to Brown.


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