Darlene H. ‘Dar’ Nicholas for Congress

The blog endorses Darlene H. ‘Dar’ Nicholas for congress in Maryland’s 5th Congressional District
Libertarian takes on Hoyer, Beltway establishment

Her congressional platform centers on abolishing the USA PATRIOT Act because it violates individual freedoms and withdrawing American soldiers from Iraq and other volatile foreign nations. Nicholas would also seek to reduce taxes and do away with the Real ID Act of 2005 that established a national identification card for American citizens.

Normally I don’t have much use for Libertarian candidates. I saw Nicholas on TV and was very underwhelmed. However, what are we supposed to do? How can anyone support Hoyer given his role in bankruptcy deform, FISA abuse, and now the Wall Street sell out bail out? There has to be some way of communicating to him that his actions are unacceptable. If Nicholas were to even get as much as 20% of the vote it would send a powerful signal to Hoyer that he needs to change.


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