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But we’re not the type of people who are see striving for ideological balance as a desirable goal. We’re liberals because we think liberal ideas are the right ones. We believe in progressive taxation, equal rights, a social safety net, etc. So of course we want a left-wing Washington. And Schwartzman is right there with us. Like most lefties, he’s definitely pro-transit, but unlike, say Patrick Mara, he hasn’t taken Grover Norquist’s asinine pledge.

David Schwartzman, the undisputed choice of the Z list bloggers.

David Schwartzman endorsed by

A real political race: Green Party At-Large candidate Schwartzman challenges rivals to cross-DC footrace, Nov. 1

On Oct. 28, David Schwartzman received an endorsement from for his defense of DC Public Schools and the needs of children. praised Mr. Schwartzman as “a staunch advocate for a more progressive tax system” and “an active participant in the social justice movement in the District for decades.”

Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America

Protesters Force Meeting with Fannie Mae Top Exec

The protesters from the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America sat on the steps of the company’s expansive brick headquarters and demanded that the government-controlled company modify loans to lower interest rates.

After demonstrating for several hours they met with company CEO Herbert Allison and other top managers this afternoon.

DC City Council begins to hold Rhee accountable

Rhee’s School Budget Hearing Goes Rampant
It sounds like Marion Barry read her the riot act and Vincent Gray is calling for some accountability. Council needs to insist in details because it sounds like Potty Mouth is running a shell game.

Shorter Bob Kerrey

Wank, wank, wank

SouthEast Anthem

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District Council At-large Candidates on Biking


SmartBike has already shown some success, but it needs to expand if it is going to really change the way people think about transit. How would you pay for such an expansion?

Schwartzman – Rather than raising fees for SmartBike use, we need to generate more revenue to meet essential needs which include reducing air pollution from motor vehicle use. This is an environmental justice issue, with major implications to our residents’ health, especially our children. Our present FY2009 District budget is woefully inadequate to meet these needs. Sources of additional revenue include:
1) Making our individual/family tax structure both fair and progressive, e.g., raise the DC income tax rate for the top 5% and lower it for the working class majority, just as Obama has pledged to do with the federal tax structure.
2) Cut corporate welfare, including earmarks and items hidden in our opaque special funds budget.
3) Use District-owned buildings to do District business instead of renting private space costing about $110 million/year.
and last but not least,
4) Start planning now for a DC congestion charge for motor vehicle commuters traveling into our central business district during work days, with revenue going to reducing the cost of mass transit and making it more convenient (especially clean bus service).

David Schwartzman on the DC City Budget

Washington Post

Statehood Green David Schwartzman continued to say he would raise taxes on the wealthiest residents in the city. “They can afford to forgo a new Lexus this year,” he said.

The money has to come from somewhere.

Notorious felon opposes Obama

DeLay On Obama: “I Tagged Him As A Marxist Months Ago”

Invoking William Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews today, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay declared that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) is a “radical” and a “Marxist.”


Kate Hagan for North Carolina