Michelle Rhee sets DCPS up for failure

DC teacher shortage presents a contradiction with use of subs

It seems that there is areal fiasco in the Washington DC school system now with the homemade teacher shortage.

Chancellor Michelle Rhee had dismissed a lot of teachers (270 or more) for not making certification norms. Now, at McKinley Tech High School, as of Thursday Sept. 25, there were 91 classrooms without permanent teachers, with positions filled by substitutes.

Were it your purpose to improve public education you would never have done as Chancellor Potty Mouth has done. She knows very well she has made things worse. And when these schools cannot meet their goals under No Child Left Behind she will use that as a pretext to close them. She hates public education. She wants to destroy public education, and Fenty appointed her for that purpose. That is the only theory that fits the facts.

Edit –
91 DC Schools Lack Permanent Teachers !

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