Fenty & Chancellor Potty Mouth want $2.5 billion, no questions asked

Council Members Unhappy With School Modernization Plan

But council members and a school facilities expert who was called to testify yesterday said the blueprint lacks information that is usually basic to any long-range plan. This includes data on the current condition of school buildings, a history of money spent on each school, and plans to deal with asbestos and lead.

Mary Filardo, executive director of the 21st Century School Fund, which studies the improvement of urban schools, called the plan “vague and conceptual” and said it should be treated as a draft.

Filardo and council members were also critical about the lack of community participation in shaping the document. Under questioning by Chairman Vincent C. Gray, Lew acknowledged that a public school modernization advisory committee held meetings that were not open to the public. Two sparsely attended public hearings, announced with just five days’ notice, were held this week.

The absence of Rhee and Reinoso added to mounting resentment among council members over what they describe as Fenty’s reluctance to communicate or consult on education matters.

I hope council refuses to appropriate a dime until Rhee appears in person to give them detailed answers as to what this money is for.

The best thing we could do is to elect David Schwartzman to the DC City Council. That would send a strong signal that we want some accountability.


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