Can we afford the rich

Why the rich should pay higher taxes

The rich use much more of tax-paid resources than anyone else does. The court system works much more to the benefit of the rich than for the rest of us. Most people don’t retain a staff of lawyers, for example. Why would that be?

And the rich always have an advantage in court over the not-so-rich. Contracts are meaningless without the court system, but they are more useful to those rich enough to make sure they are enforced. For example, it should not be possible in a just judicial system for a company to reneg on its pension obligations to its employees, but somehow this has happened. Why? Because the courts are more likely to serve the wealthy and the corporations than to serve ordinary working people. Yet the rich apparently expect ordinary people to pay taxes for a court system that protects the ability of the corporations to steal pensions from ordinary working people.

Policing tends to be oriented toward protecting those with the most property. Rich people use illegal drugs at least as much as poor people do, but the police don’t roam through rich people’s neighborhoods kicking in doors and trying to bust rich people for drugs. The lower you are on the income spectrum, the more likely it is that your taxes are being used against you than for you.

If you live in the United States, your taxes are being used to build a lot of prisons to house – at great expense – an ever-expanding population of individuals who, in most cases, have not done much harm. Illegal drugs account for an extraordinary proportion of that population.

Even at the local level, the rich throw bigger parties more often and use more trash collecting services, more water, more of everything.


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