David Schwartzman, what now?

Loose Lips

Statehood Green candidate David Schwartzman, with less than $1,000 on hand, has yet to show any intention of waging a serious campaign.

Obviously there won’t be any money, so what can Schwartzman do that does not involve money? I assume he has a copy of the registered voters list and that he at least knows who is registered as a Green/Statehood. Those are his most likely volunteers. Here are some Do It Yourself visbility projects you can do on a shoe string:
People’s Billboards –
He needs to identify which of his supporters live in high rises on bus routes. This should not be difficult using the registered voters list. Those whose windows face the street should be asked to make their own Schwartzman for Council poster. If they use white poster board and a green jumbo magic marker they can make an effective poster that could be seen from the street. If you could persuade several supporters living in the same apartment building to put similar posters in windows facing the street, the effect would be a “peoples bill board.” It would demonstrate that while Schwartzman does not have money, he does have support.
Visibility flash mobs –
Small groups of supporters 3 -12, could walk down crowded streets wearing green clothes, carrying Schwartzman posters (which they can make themselves using white poster board and green marker) and sing songs that involve the word Green, such as Wearing of the Green, Green River, Green Grow the Rushes or Greenselves or any song with Green in it.

This sort of visible display of support could be organized for tiny amounts of money and would be bound to improve his returns.


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