The 2nd Annual Health Care Justice Vigil and Speak Out!

September 22nd, 2008


Washington D.C.
The Capitol Reflecting Pool

This Vigil is held in memory of the thousands lost to the broken health insurance system, and in honor of those still fighting.  Take a stand against the private health insurance industry and speak out!

If you can’t make it to DC, there may be a Vigil being planned near you. In solidarity with the DC Vigil, Healthcare-NOW! activists are holding solidarity vigils across the country – from New York City to the state of Washington. The events uphold a deeply important time for those whose family or friends have been victims of the U.S. for-profit healthcare system.  For one too many…an insurance denial equals death.

If you can’t make it to DC, find a vigil near you

The number of deaths due to insufficient healthcare in the wealthiest of all nations is a grim reminder of the scope of the healthcare crisis. The Urban Institute estimated that 22,000 adults died in 2006 because they did not have health insurance. A 2008 study published in Health Affairs Journal analyzed the health systems of 19 countries. The study found that the United States had the highest rate of preventable deaths before the age of 75. The study concluded that as many as 101,000 deaths a year could be prevented by ensuring that all patients receive quality care in a timely manner. That’s one death every five minutes that would be prevented if the US healthcare system were fair and accessible to everyone.

To read testimonials from people who have had horrible experiences, you can view them in the new booklet Death by Spreadsheet.

Find an event near you, or plan to organize your own solidarity vigil. Follow the suggestions in the Vigil Tool Kit.

Also, if you are in the DC area, download this flyer to distribute:


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