Ward 2 Candidate Cary Silverman pledges to work w/ TENAC

UPDATE: This blog endorses Cary Silverman because his name is not Jack Evans.

SILVERMAN CALLS FOR ACTION FOR TENANTS ; Pledges to Work With TENAC to Address Urgent Needs

Washington, D.C. Today, Ward 2 Candidate Cary Silverman is calling for D.C. government action to protect tenants’ rights. In a letter to Mayor Adrian Fenty and Councilmember Marion Barry as Chairperson of the Committee on Housing and Urban Affairs, Silverman urged them to immediately:

  • Provide an explanation for the firing of Rent Administrator Grayce Wiggins, schedule a D.C. Council oversight hearing to examine the circumstances underlying the abrupt action, and reinstate Ms. Wiggins pending investigation; and
  • Undertake inspections and remediation of an unacceptable situation at the Norwood Apartments, 1417 N Street, NW, in Ward 2.

The DC Tenants’ Advocacy Coalition (TENAC) has questioned whether Ms. Wiggins was summarily removed as retaliation for issuing a carefully crafted and fully balanced decision on the Kennedy Warren condominium conversion.

I don’t have an opinion about this race, I just thought this was worth noting.


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