Educating the next generation of crony capitalists

Paying Kids To Show Up — Rheelly Dumb

Someone needs to stand up to Michelle Rhee. She announced this plan unilaterally; she picks the schools; and the DC school system foots half the bill. (The other half is being picked up by Harvard). You can really appreciate our own pit bull with lipstick, Randi Weingarten, when you hear about Michelle Rhee’s autocratic and destructive reign over the DC school system.

Rhee claims school is like work and you must learn to show up. But school is not a job, as Julian says. Schools are not employers and students are not workers. “A school, unlike an employer, does not reap the services of its students–it provides services to them,” he writes. Attendance is compulsory, and paying students to show up could have the perverse effect of making the standards seem arbitrary. The student “learns the false lesson that punctuality and conscientiousness are extraordinary and noteworthy,” Julian notes.


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