Mercy Abortions

Hot Flash Report

Who are the women who delay into the second and third trimester? There are several characteristics:

1. In general, they are younger.
2. They are less educated.
3. They are more rural, where healthcare is more inaccessible.
4. They tend to be poorer than women who get early abortions.
5. And they have more lifestyle and emotional issues. Oftentimes, the unintended pregnancy is the easiest of their problems to solve.

Now, I’m sure your first concern is Why. Why would a woman wait so long? Here’s a few of the many reasons why women delay getting abortions:

1. Money. Many women don’t have $400 sitting around in a savings account to pay for an early abortion. Delay happens in raising the money, borrowing it, pawning stuff for it, etc.
2. Denial. Many young women especially so want not to be pregnant that they deny their obvious symptoms of pregnancy and attribute them to other causes. They’re missing their period because they’re irregular. They’re gaining wait because they’ve been eating too much. They’ve got the flu. Many young women even hide their pregnancies from their parents with big baggy shirts, fake periods, etc.
3. Fetal anomalies.

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