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Violence against women in the military

Is There an Army Cover Up of Rape and Murder of Women Soldiers?
by Ann Wright…..4/28/8564/

The private war of women soldiers….._military/

Another KBR Rape Case

Happy anniversary Medicare!

Michelle Rhee to hold community meeting tomorrow

Rhee to hold Community Meetings throughout the school year, starting tomorrow

The first is tomorrow, July 30, 2008 at 5:30pm on the 5th floor of 825 North Capitol St.

Who alieanated who?

I take it they believe that by alienating Josh Marshall (WKJM to them), Kos, and Chris Bowers the world will be a better place.

As ever, it was the people calling out sexism and/or anti-FW policies who were charged with creating division among progressives, as opposed to the people engaging in sexism and their defenders.

WKJM published demonstrably false allegations during the primary. It is simply not possible to have the same regard, nor is it possible or advisable to keep silent. Obama and the Obama Fan Base ran a scorched earth campaign and are reaping the harvest of that. Too bad.

DC bails out the Catholic Church?

Rhee bails out Archdiocese

The trick, perfected by Rhee’s mentor, Paul Vallas, is to turn inner-city parochial schools, abandoned by white flight, into charters. That way, the Archdiocese can continue operate them on the public dole, primarily with uncertified and underpaid, non-union teachers, teaching the church’s prescribed curriculum. After all, isn’t that what an Ownership Society is all about?

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How false rumors are circulated


Not really

Sam Rasoul in Virginia’s 6th Congressional District

Sam Rasoul Still Rolling

Meanwhile, down in the 6th District, Sam Rasoul has been working hard, under the radar, to make a difference for his neighbors. Sam is running against Bob Goodlatte, who has held the seat since 1993. This is a reliably Republican district, but Sam Rasoul is the kind of Democrat who has a chance to change its representation. He’s a young businessman who has made it a point to knock as many doors as he can (shades of Gary Trauner), and show up at as many events as he can in order to actually meet as many voters as he can and talk to them.

The sixth CD is very Republican, so Rasoul has his work cut out for him. However, this is the sort of year when Democrats can prevail in the most unlikely districts. Rasoul has endorsed HR 676, so his victory would be a great victory for healthcare in our country.

Michelle Rhee’s shell game

Money Saved from Rhee’s School Closures to Open Charterized Catholic Schools

About Michelle Rhee, the dictator in her ivory tower

She makes unilateral decisions concerning our school systems, which admittedly is not good. But simply firing personnel, not hearing the parents who send their children to the schools, and dictatorially choosing what our kids will learn smacks of the schools in North Korea and the old Soviet Union. And we know how those systems succeeded.

But standing behind these two is the Mayor, Adrian Fenty. He’s learned the George W. Bush style of governing- complete secrecy. It’s what limits accountability. Remember, this is the man who fired staff in Child Protective Services, rather than its chief officer, because leaders are not responsible for messing things up when children die, it’s the staff. As it is for Mr. Fenty- keep it secret, support unable/incapable people in dictatorial roles, and blame the underlings who obey the orders.

PPS board isn’t all bad. It could have hired Michelle Rhee

Is Obama a trojan horse?

A Starvation Diet for Single Issue Progressives?

One, Obama defunded outside parties reliant on big dollar donors, which means that a good amount of talent is sitting on the sideline, helpless to affect Congressional or Presidential races. There is no cavalry in case Obama stumbles and there are no groups that can go negative against McCain. We knew that. Two, Obama is vacuuming up huge small dollar donations, and sucking some of the oxygen out of downticket races. The media glare on Obama has effectively damaged the megaphone of downticket candidates, and their ability to pull in small dollar donors. This is hurting Senate candidates like Al Franken, for instance, because there is no VoteVets ad to go after Norm Coleman like there was to after George Allen in Virginia. A dozen candidates might lose because the right is going to come after them viciously, and there is nothing on our side to deal with that – no small dollar donors, no outside groups, and very little media attention.

Does this sound like shock doctrine disaster capitalism or what?

Netroots is the orginal low information, high hubris voters, eager to see what they want to believe, they are easily led. It is just plain embarrassing.

Edit – Gaslight watch
How many times does Obama get to pull stunts like this before Netroots works out that they have been had?

Canadian single payer system

A Canadian explains their healthcare system.
Myth busting universal healthcare

a single-payer system modeled on Medicare makes a lot more sense than what we have.