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Republican dirty tricks

PUMAs are Swiftboats

Conyers on Sam Rasoul

John Conyers

We are really making headway. Sam Rasoul, running against Rep. Goodlatte in Virginia, has made HR 676 a major piece of his platform, and their latest debate featured this legislation.

Can anyone tell me way Conyers doesn’t have a single Michigan blog on his blog roll?

Edit – For Sam Rasoul, Children’s Health Care is a Priority

Obama and Grove Parc

The candidate endorsed subsidies for private entrepreneurs to build low-income units. But, while he garnered support from developers, many projects in his former district have fallen into disrepair.

Grove Parc and several other prominent failures were developed and managed by Obama’s close friends and political supporters. Those people profited from the subsidies even as many of Obama’s constituents suffered. Tenants lost their homes; surrounding neighborhoods were blighted.

Some of the residents of Grove Parc say they are angry that Obama did not notice their plight. The development straddles the boundary of Obama’s state Senate district. Many of the tenants have been his constituents for more than a decade.

“No one should have to live like this, and no one did anything about it,” said Cynthia Ashley, who has lived at Grove Parc since 1994.

Obama’s campaign, in a written response to Globe questions, affirmed the candidate’s support of public-private partnerships as an alternative to public housing, saying that Obama has “consistently fought to make livable, affordable housing in mixed-income neighborhoods available to all.”

Edit – see comment by Bruce Dixon.

The fight for single payer in Maryland

Study group on single payer health insurance system

SEVENTH SESSION: Tuesday, July 8, 2008 7:30 PM
St. John’s United Methodist Church
St. Paul St. at 27th St., Baltimore

WHAT: One time study sessions on what a single payer health insurance system could look like in the United States. Each month the topic will be the same and we’ll cover pretty much the same ground.

THE TOPIC: “Single payer” is a technical sounding term that simply means that only one agency will pay for medical services- this in contrast to the roughly 1500 insurance companies now operating in the US. Private insurance companies would be effectively eliminated from the medical market. The rough model for most single payer advocates in the US is the Canadian system. Another way of simplifying: An expanded and enhanced “Medicare for All.”

The main national vehicle for single payer is HR 676 whose principal sponsor is Congressman John Conyers of Michigan.

Cyber bullies

If Your Blog Has Been Locked Due To Obama People Harrassment Tricks….

If your blog has been locked up due to smarmy Obama nuts falsely “reporting” your blog as “spam,” please post your alternate blog name in the comments section of this post – and I will update this post to let everyone know where you are.

Since I have been waiting since June 3 to have my posting unlocked from word confirmation, it is highly possible blogger may not get to you very quickly if you are completely locked. Something is very wrong here. The list of anti Obama bloggers being locked up is growing today. Most were locked up last night.

Even Rove did not do such things.

Miller for Congress

Chesterfield Resident Seeks 4th District Seat

“I am running because of Randy Forbes’ voting record. He voted in support of the war and has shown a lack of support for people in the 4th District. You name it, he votes against it,” says Miller. “The 4th District doesn’t have the multi-million dollar jobs like in Northern Virginia. Many people here have very modest incomes and we are losing more jobs than we gain. There is a lot of work to be done.”

Sam Rasoul on Medicare

Rasoul Praises House for Passing Medicare Bill

Roanoke, VA – Sam Rasoul, the Democratic nominee for the 6th Congressional District, is applauding the House for passing a new Medicare Bill, HR 6331. HR 6331 eliminates the 10.6 percent cut in Medicare payments to physicians scheduled to take place at the beginning of July and creates a 1.1 percent pay increase starting in 2009.
“I am pleased that the House held firm to fully funding Medicare so as not to adversely impact working-class families who are struggling especially with current energy costs,” Rasoul stated.
“The current economic downtown is making it difficult enough for many Americans to make ends meet without having to add additional worries about decreasing health care coverage. Medicare patients will be able to continue being treated by their physicians without worrying about the possibility of refusal.”

Church of the present day child molestors


Who defines “surplus”

D.C. Council debates use of surplus property

Members of an advocacy group for the poor, Empower D.C., wore T-shirts opposing the sale of public land and told Schwartz that public land should be dedicated to providing public services such as schools, libraries and parks, not supporting economic development. “We feel that public property exists for community needs, not just government needs,” said Parisa Narousi, a co-founder of the group.

But many of the ideas in the legislation would terribly stunt development in the District’s neighborhoods, according to Roderic Woodson, an attorney at Holland & Knight who chairs the government affairs committee for the D.C. Building Industry Association. Woodson said DCBIA supported the idea of separating the process of deeming property surplus from its sale or leasing, but said that requiring the District to hold public meetings before responding to an unsolicited bid for land “will not address the merits of a surplus designation but will instead only mobilize opposition to the proposed disposition.”

Woodson added that the association strongly opposes Thomas’s more stringent bill, saying “its passage as a regulatory over-reach would severely impair the ability of the executive to effectively manage the property assets of the District.”

Question for Obama’s online supporters

Or the problem with The Math

Are you going to look back and notice your condoning (or being one) of the blogospheric jerks who shut down honest debate about the candidates when we could have properly vetted them and made them compete for who was the most progressive? Among other things, that cost us the opportunity for Obama supporters and non-Obama supporters to have sustained, constructive, reality-based debates. Instead, with your blessing, the campaign devolved into a cliquish high school beset by truthiness — a tragic waste of what could and should have been a true change year.

Netroots finest hour
????? How do you think we got here?