No she isn’t

Have I mentioned that progressive Democrat Leslie Byrne is running neck and neck with Connolly for the Democratic primary on June 10th?

Gerry is going to win by a landslide. Voters are turned off by Leslie’s campaign of smears.

Leslie is anti-immigrant and anti-defense contractor in a district that is heavily immigrant and defense contractor. She is going down in flames.


Anyway, although I am no fan of Gerry Connolly I will give him this, his campaign is much less annoying than Leslie Byrne’s. Having been bombarded by mailers for Byrne the last few weeks all I can say is, what is it that she plans on doing if elected to the House? All I know is that she thinks Gerry Connolly is a war profiteer which is a completely silly argument from my point of view as someone who does contracting and has at times worked as a subcontractor with SAIC… unless of course that makes me a war profiteer as well…

Connolly on the other hand has run a mostly positive campaign with only one mailer that pointed out how Byrne has a bad habit of trashing other Democrats including Warner and Kaine.

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