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DC Office of Planning and the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development

Empower D Monthly Empowerment Circle Series

Join Empower DC to hear from the Director of the DC Office of Planning and the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development as they discuss their mission, role and function. They will discuss what “community input” means and their current priorities. For more information, contact Parisa B. Norouzi at (202) 234-9119 or

chemo brain

neuorological damage that chemotherapy drugs can cause

Happy anniversary Tom Friedman

Suck on this.

This Is Classic Abuser Dynamic Stuff


First, deny it’s a problem.

Second, minimize the problem if it gets out-of-hand.\

Third, make fun of it and create “crazy-making”.

Fourth, blame HER for it.

What comes next? Smackin’ ’em around?

No she isn’t

Have I mentioned that progressive Democrat Leslie Byrne is running neck and neck with Connolly for the Democratic primary on June 10th?

Gerry is going to win by a landslide. Voters are turned off by Leslie’s campaign of smears.

Leslie is anti-immigrant and anti-defense contractor in a district that is heavily immigrant and defense contractor. She is going down in flames.


Anyway, although I am no fan of Gerry Connolly I will give him this, his campaign is much less annoying than Leslie Byrne’s. Having been bombarded by mailers for Byrne the last few weeks all I can say is, what is it that she plans on doing if elected to the House? All I know is that she thinks Gerry Connolly is a war profiteer which is a completely silly argument from my point of view as someone who does contracting and has at times worked as a subcontractor with SAIC… unless of course that makes me a war profiteer as well…

Connolly on the other hand has run a mostly positive campaign with only one mailer that pointed out how Byrne has a bad habit of trashing other Democrats including Warner and Kaine.

talking about public school deform

Educational Rheeform, Dedicated to Providing Important Information About Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of DC Public Schools, Before She Destroys Public Education

The Chancellor’s New Clothes

More on Jim Webb and the veepstakes

What Katy G said.

Sick around the world

Links to the entire PBS series.

What Natasha said

Veepness Stakes: Please no Webb, DINOs

The real estate crash in Fairfax

Fairfax Board weighs action on foreclosures
Board Chairman Gerry Connolly (D-At large) said that, if implemented correctly, the program could be a way to find good in the foreclosure crisis – creating new “workforce” housing opportunities, protecting neighborhoods from blight and even replacing formerly overcrowded properties with the single-family uses the homes were intended for.

“I continue to believe, if we do this in a targeted way, it can be a win-win-win,” Connolly said.