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What did Glenn Greenwald expect?

Brian Williams’ “response” to the military analyst story

Williams argues that the two retired Generals whom he identified in particular — Downing and McCaffrey — voiced “harsh criticism of the Rumsfeld Pentagon and the war effort.” As proof, he cites a McCaffrey quote from 2006 — more then 3 years after we invaded Iraq — in which McCaffrey said there was a civil war there and that “it’s a very bad situation, and it’s getting worse.” He also said Downing was angry that we didn’t use more troops for the invasion.

That is the sum and substance of Williams’ response to allegations that these analysts were presented as “independent” despite having multiple political and financial ties which negated their independence. There is no indication that he has any plans to tell his viewers about the story. And he seems to think that this smug, dismissive response resolves the questions surrounding the behavior of NBC News. It doesn’t. If fact, Williams’ response — and his citation to these two specific retired Generals — raises far more questions than it answers.

So what does Glenn expect? NBC is owned by a defense contractor. The whole operation is a Potemkin show. General Electric buys a news operation, uses it to start a war, and sells weapon systems and supplies to the government. Brian Williams is just a cog in this system. As long as we keep talking about Williams we are missing the big picture.

On the other hand I would love to know more about the defense contractors those TV Generals worked for, were they General Electric subcontractors or partners? It would be pretty funny if their whole newscast were merely a showcase for their product line and I would not put it past them.

The logical answer is for General Electric to be compelled by its bondholders to spin off it’s many divisions, use the money to pay off the bond holders and have the resulting companies invest the remaining cash into products and services so they could make money. The present system serves no one but the interests of crony kleptocracy.


Colin Powell is a deadly liar

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Some DC blogs

I haven’t had a chance to read them, so can’t speak to their quality:
bloomingdale (for now)

Some songs I like

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Virginia 11th CD

Let’s see, we have the UFCW and SEIU vs netroots. I wonder who will win?

Why Democrats lost in 1994

tedraice at Corrente Wire

One of the stupider myths among progressives (one embraced both by the MSM and Obama fans) is that it was the Clinton’s fault the Congress went Republican in 1994.

The reality was exactly the reverse: Congressional Dems decided that they didn’t need to support Bill on health care, and that he and not they would suffer the consequences from that failure to deliver. It was the Congressional Dems who betrayed the party, allowed the GOP to take over, and forced Clinton to move right simply in order to survive. (The treated Carter in similar fashion, and suffered almost the same result, proving that it isn’t only Goppers who don’t learn from their mistakes.)

The news media, Islamic fanaticism and terrorism

Whiskey Fire has a snarky post about Armed Liberal.

It’s true — the forces arrayed against us are masters of manipulation. The amount of money that Al Qaeda pours into the MSM is staggering; they’ve clearly bought off the entire Washington Post editorial board, which explains why that wise body has consistently endorsed boneheaded policy ideas that have in the final analysis have done at least as much good for anti-American Islamicists as for anyone else, and probably more.

Truthfully Islamic terrorists do own a large chunk of our news media, which may explain why we went after Iraq instead of concentrating our fight against Al Qaeda.