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How did the guns find their way to DC?

Girl, 7, Wounded as Gunfight Erupts in Neighborhood

A 7-year-old girl was shot and wounded in Northeast Washington yesterday, when a gun battle suddenly broke out on the street where she was playing, D.C. police said.

Were the guns recovered? Have the police investigated the origin of the guns? Are they in the process of doing so? Is there any pattern in the origin of guns used in crimes committed in DC? Is anyone asking these questions?

Best source of news on America’s shooting gallery: Gun Guys.

If this blog had readers

I would ask them to help Arthur Silber.

No source no story

Open Left

What those remaining undeclared folks are telling me in private, though, is that they hope the race will play itself out and Obama will emerge as the clear winner so that they don’t have to piss the Clintons and their machine off.

How do we know such super delegates exist? How do we know the writer isn’t just making it up?

Newspaper, TV, blog, there can only be one standard. Get it on the record or don’t publish. No more faith based reporting.

Another sniper

1 Arrested, 1 Sought In Sniper Shootings

CHARLOTTESVILLE — At least one person has been arrested and another is being sought in connection with the Interstate 64 shootings that injured two motorists Thursday morning, a police source told Media General News Service today.

No other advanced nation puts up with this. Or should I say formerly advanced nation.

Three cheers for Gun Guys who have been working on this issue for years.

Affordable housing in Fairfax


The local government owns and operates nearly 3,800 dwellings, according to county figures, part of which were acquired as concessions from developers or through other housing initiatives. The figure also includes units for seniors and 234 “beds” in transitional housing or assisted-living facilities.

The steady expansion of the county’s affordable housing inventory has invited new scrutiny of the program, which opponents on the Board of Supervisors call flawed in how it selects occupants and measures success.

Springfield Supervisor Pat Herrity, a newly elected Republican, told The Examiner he wants to reroute the $23 million “1-penny fund” for affordable housing into other budget needs, a proposal sure to ignite a feud with the board’s Democratic chairman, Gerry Connolly.

“At what point is enough enough?” Herrity said.

Connolly called Herrity’s idea “ill-conceived” and said it doesn’t have the support of the board. The fund, he said, “has been doing what we wanted it to do, which is to preserve affordable housing.”

This is the best reason I know of to support Gerry Connolly.

Tomorrow, town meeting on school closings

Education Town Hall Meeting – March 26th, 6:30-8:30 PM

Coalition to Save Our Neighborhood Schools (CSONS)

Invites Parents, Students, Teachers & Community to:


Wednesday, March 26th

6:30-8:30 PM

Shaw Junior High School

925 Rhode Island Ave, NW

(one block from Shaw Metro)

Teach-in covering topics including: History of DCPS School Closures; Where Will Your Children Attend School in August ’08?; What is the Impact on Teachers, other Employees & Students?; What Will Empty Buildings DO to Your Neighborhood?; DCPS Budget Analysis; The Impact of Privatization on Public Schools; Options for School Reform &
Student Progress

For more info go to, or call (202) 607-7632

John McCain’s free ride with the media

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