Save A Family Fund


HomeFree-USA has established the “Save A Family” foreclosure prevention fund to help families at risk of foreclosure on their homes.

Thousands of American families face threats to their homeownership every day. Unemployment, illness, and predatory lending practices threaten the most valuable investment that a homeowner can possess, their home. On average, five families call HomeFree-USA for help everyday. As a HUD approved housing counseling agency, HomeFree-USA is required to help these at risk families with no charge to them.

In some cases, they need help to pay the mortgage for a month or two. In other cases they need an advocate and assistance with their lender to forestall foreclosure. In all instances, a significant amount of time and/or money must be spent to ensure a positive outcome.

The Call to Action
With more than a decade of experience and a 0% foreclosure rate, HomeFree-USA has the knowledge, experience and willingness to help at risk families to successfully protect their homes.

To help with the financial aspects of saving a family, HomeFree-USA has established the “Save A Family” foreclosure prevention fund. HomeFree-USA solicits contributions to this fund to offset expenses related to saving a family from the pain and degradation caused by the loss of a home. These expenses may include funding to ensure that at risk families have basic necessities such as goods and clothing as well as housing.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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