The bullies of Democratic blogosphere

Larry Johnson and SusanUnPC has been banned from Daily Kos. This is just one more of how Daily Kos is turning into the Studio 54 of political blogosphere.

At Kos you can be banned for posting about the voting machines, recommending diaries about the voting machines, posting about the Middle East, questioning the 9/11 commission, and just about anything else that isn’t one of Kos’ pet issues.

You can even be banned for what you post on non-Kos sites.

Kos openly disrespects women. He is a bully surrounded by his online Kops. It is a great pity he has such influence over lefty blogosphere and the Democratic party. I don’t know what to do save promote blogs I that I think are doing a good job.

The problem with Kos
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

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