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Obama’s advisor David Cutler

More interested in market theories than people.

The orange frat house

DK: The CheezWhiz of progressive ideas — pasteurized, reprocessed, groupthink

How to respond to the financial crisis

Today Northern Rock, Tomorrow Citigroup and Merrill Lynch

The government can keep the financial system functioning as the big banks go under without writing huge welfare checks to the super-rich. We just nationalize failing banks as Gordon Brown did with the Northern Rock bank in the United Kingdom. We replace the top management with competent people and then sell the bank back to the private sector as soon as its books are back in order. It’s fun, simple, easy, and cheap. And, if we want to help low income people who are losing their homes, we offer them the own to rent option.

Cultivating a more beautiful DC

D.C. Gardeners Unite

Save A Family Fund


HomeFree-USA has established the “Save A Family” foreclosure prevention fund to help families at risk of foreclosure on their homes.

Thousands of American families face threats to their homeownership every day. Unemployment, illness, and predatory lending practices threaten the most valuable investment that a homeowner can possess, their home. On average, five families call HomeFree-USA for help everyday. As a HUD approved housing counseling agency, HomeFree-USA is required to help these at risk families with no charge to them.

In some cases, they need help to pay the mortgage for a month or two. In other cases they need an advocate and assistance with their lender to forestall foreclosure. In all instances, a significant amount of time and/or money must be spent to ensure a positive outcome.

The Call to Action
With more than a decade of experience and a 0% foreclosure rate, HomeFree-USA has the knowledge, experience and willingness to help at risk families to successfully protect their homes.

To help with the financial aspects of saving a family, HomeFree-USA has established the “Save A Family” foreclosure prevention fund. HomeFree-USA solicits contributions to this fund to offset expenses related to saving a family from the pain and degradation caused by the loss of a home. These expenses may include funding to ensure that at risk families have basic necessities such as goods and clothing as well as housing.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

The bullies of Democratic blogosphere

Larry Johnson and SusanUnPC has been banned from Daily Kos. This is just one more of how Daily Kos is turning into the Studio 54 of political blogosphere.

At Kos you can be banned for posting about the voting machines, recommending diaries about the voting machines, posting about the Middle East, questioning the 9/11 commission, and just about anything else that isn’t one of Kos’ pet issues.

You can even be banned for what you post on non-Kos sites.

Kos openly disrespects women. He is a bully surrounded by his online Kops. It is a great pity he has such influence over lefty blogosphere and the Democratic party. I don’t know what to do save promote blogs I that I think are doing a good job.

The problem with Kos
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

Colorado bloggers unhappy with their senator

Salazar votes retroactive immunity for Bush and the telecomms

(Our Junior Senator embarrasses himself yet again. – promoted by pacified)

Well, all your phone calls, letters and faxes to Ken Salazar on FISA and telecomm immunity went for naught. His admin actually told me once that he was getting just as many calls that supported immunity for illegal spying:

Webb is speaking to their JJ Dinner later this month. I wonder if anyone will bring up Webb’s FISA vote?