A Canadian talks about his health care system


As a Canadian, I can say I’ve received nothing but spectacular health care. Every problem I’ve ever had, including cracking my head open, having my leg ripped open by a dog and breaking my other leg have all ended well thanks to immediate professional attention. In the case of breaking my leg, the bone specialist indicated I required surgery and was admitted to the hospital and on the operating table 4 hours later. I don’t even want to know how much the procedure would have cost (I assume that 2 doctors, 3 nurses and an operating room are not cheap) or the recurring check ups, but all I needed to do was show my little plastic health card and everything was taken care of. So please actually talk with Canadians before you buy into blanket statements that Americans love to drum up in fear of adopting something different. In general most Canadians will tell you our health care is good to excellent, which says a lot considering it serves some 30 million people and evidently does it well enough for the majority to give it a more than a passing grade. I’ve been to the states a few times and I know I’d rather have this system than yours. It’s superior in virtually every way. The only thing I wish would happen is the government investing more money into it. We have a budget surplus, but they’re just cutting taxes and paying off the national debt.

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