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The view from New Hampshire

Edwards is doing well.

Wall Street Naderism


Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist

Media malpractice alert

The Politico

Instead of waiting for actual votes to be counted on the night of the Jan. 3 Iowa caucus, a consortium of the major TV networks and The Associated Press will conduct an entrance poll to measure how people say they will vote.

Thank you Danny Glover

Danny Glover to Campaign for Edwards in Las Vegas Tomorrow

Exposing imperial hubris

Steve Gilliard’s “Colonial Warfare” Series

On the need for progressive infrastructure

While Progressives Talk To Each Other, Conservatives Talk To The Public

Progressive bloggers talk to each other. Conservatives talk to the public.

For example, Bush and the Republicans recently renewed their claim Iraq attacked us on 9/11 and that is why we invaded that country. Their politicians, pundits, talk-show hosts, bloggers, news anchors, op-ed writers, letter-to-the-editor writers and others all said it, using largely the same “tested” words and phrases, on the radio, in the newspapers, in their blogs and on their TV channels. Progressive bloggers responded with the truth, but who did they reach?

Maybe we could persuade a member of the Carter family to write an appeal for the Commonweal Institute.