Decline and fall of Joe Klein

For decades Joke Line has been serving as the resident pseudo liberal for whatever media mogul is publishing his work. That is why he was selected to carry TimeWarner’s water on FISA abuse. It may come back to bite him.

Glen Greenwald has been writing a series desconstructing Klein’s work. Jane Hamsher organized a conference call to discuss the latest column and now Atrios and Stoller have joined in.

The problem is that Klein can’t retract the column. It is part of TimeWarner’s PR offensive to win legal immunity before they have to disclose their potential legal liability to their shareholders. Moreover, if they don’t get immunity and they get hauled into court, the whole contradiction of a news organization serving, in effect, as secret police will begin to sink in on people. How would you like your presonal email on the pages of Time Magazine? Or discussed on CNN? If TimeWarner is your ISP provider there is nothing to prevent that.

Edit – Booman on why this matters.

Lambert comments.

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